It’s all about perception


Today at the office I was talking to two of my coworkers about personality types. Coworker A said, “Some people are just naturally more quiet and reserved, like you” and pointed to me. Coworker B said quite vehemently, “Are you serious?! She is neither of those things.”

Aside from the fact that it was somewhat entertaining to hear people argue about me as though I wasn’t there, it was also interesting to know that I come across so differently to different people. I’ve heard it before, though. If I don’t know people very well, I am typically quiet and don’t go out of my way to draw attention to myself. I never speak at meetings even though I usually have an opinion on what’s being said. If I’m called on to say something on the spot, I can’t always organize my thoughts really well. I’m a much better w.riter than speaker. But if I’m with people I know, trust and feel comfortable with, then I will have a lot to say and not a lot of filters. I’m much more relaxed and easy-going. That side of me comes out in spades when I’ve been drinking. I don’t know which is the more accurate representation of me. It’s probably some combination of both. I do know that people have to earn their way in to see the non-quiet, unreserved side of me and not very many people do.


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