Things I realized


I just took an epic road trip through the south, straight through hillbilly and into Georgia. What I realized as a result of this trip is:

*I need a real camera. The iphone camera just really doesn’t cut it for the kind of landscape and architecture pictures I like to take.

*I should really listen to my music more. I have a pretty amazing collection of music that I don’t spend enough time listening to.

*I need to clone myself so I have ability to drive and take pictures at the same time.

*I would like to spend more time in Western Pennsylvania with my real camera.

*I would like to live in a small town.

*I like places that have a distinct architectural style like the sandstone and Victorians in PA, the side porches and entrances in Charleston, and the Italianate rowhouses in Cincy.

*People east of the Mississippi love American cars.

*There are way more black people and way fewer Asian people. Also more confederate flags.

*If you take a plantation tour, the white guide will try to convince you that freedom wasn’t all it was cracked up to be for the slaves. On the question and answer section of said tour, someone will ask if the slaves and their masters were friends. She will be serious and my mind will be blown.

*A West Virginia accent really doesn’t convey intelligence.

*People in Whitesville don’t take to kindly to folks peeping around their town which looks exactly as I had imagined it.

*July is not really the time to visit the south.


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