In which I am annoyed by people


I believe I’ve already made it abundantly clear that I shouldn’t work with people. Whatever that quote is about loving humanity and hating people, that is so me. This week I’ve had some priceless clients and one redeeming stranger.

People send blind emails to our agency all the time, requesting help with their mortgage. This week’s email was from a woman who said that she needed help to save the home she shared with her beautiful children. Well, thank god your children are beautiful because otherwise I would have turned you away. I get that she was trying to make her case sound more…desperate? appealing? whatever it was, I wanted to tell her that Wells Fargo really didn’t care if your children looked like deformed midgets as long as you can pay your mortgage. I didn’t.

Then there is the client I’m working with who is a therapist. A grown man, a 60 year old therapist. He emailed me and said that if his lender didn’t give him a loan modification in the next two weeks he was never making another payment again. It’s possible he wasn’t saying it in the voice of a petulant three year old but that’s how it came across. I wanted to tell him to go into a time out. I didn’t.

But what restored my faith in humanity? The drunk black guy I saw as I was walking to the grocery store. He was sitting at a little patio table outside of a restaurant. When I walked by he said, “Hey pretty lady! [Buuuuuuuurp!] Mmm…beer. Oh right. Pretty lady, come back!” Thanks, drunk dude.


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