Today was awkward person day at Target. There was this guy in the little restaurant who just kept talking to this woman and her two kids at another table. He wasn’t being creepy, I think he was just slightly developmentally delayed or at least not the brightest bulb in the bunch. He was old and frail looking, and he probably didn’t have anyone else to talk to. I felt sorry for him and embarrassed for him. It was obvious that the other people there were uncomfortable too. If you’re a douchebag/bitch/idiot embarrassing yourself, I would be incredibly annoyed by your existence and probably make that clear when I insulted you in a way that you were too slow to catch up on. I don’t have a lot of patience for people who are consistently like that.

Give me an underdog, someone who’s just trying, someone clueless doing the same thing and I feel like I need to protect them. I blame my mom for this one. She is a smart ass who can verbally rip someone to shreds in an instant. And yet every year at Christmas we went and bought the ugliest tree because no one else would and she didn’t want it to be alone. She would pick mismatched and broken things at the store because she knew no one else would. We always cheered for the sports underdog. When I was a grown up, I picked my first dog because she was so hideously ugly I knew she would end up being euthanized if I didn’t take her.

I don’t know what it says about me that I think this is something I should hide…


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