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Today was awkward person day at Target. There was this guy in the little restaurant who just kept talking to this woman and her two kids at another table. He wasn’t being creepy, I think he was just slightly developmentally delayed or at least not the brightest bulb in the bunch. He was old and […]



The Lumineers, Of Monsters and Men, Canon Blue, and Arcade Fire are on constant repeat for me lately. Love them. Today was a weird day. I was walking by the Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood. The main window is right against the sidewalk. There was a woman sitting along in a booth in the window, […]



I’m the perfect sort of buzzed right now. If someone talked to me, I could easily talk back. I’d be talkative. I could tolerate people’s bullshit. I feel either happy or accepting enough of the fact that I may never truly be happy. Or perhaps just drunk enough that I don’t care. Maybe this is […]