People, old and young


My coworker’s last day was this Wednesday. He and my other coworker went out to lunch and didn’t invite me. Then he left without saying goodbye to me. Granted I was away from my desk but you think he would have made an effort to at least say goodbye. It was really weird.

I also had a lovely interaction with a client. He called and left a message on our hotline on Monday afternoon. I called him back less than 24 hours later and left a message. While I was on the phone with someone else, he called three times and didn’t leave a message. He called again and when I answered, he demanded to know what agency I was with. When I told him he said that he had already started working with another agency because they answer their phone. He then yelled, “Maybe you should try that!” and slammed down the phone. While this was a more extreme example, I have people who tell me in a crabby or sad voice when I call back that they already found another agency to do their counseling. I feel like explaining the basic idea of a nonprofit to people. If we don’t help you, there’s plenty of other people we can help. Our service is free, we’re not losing money if we don’t work with you. I’m just happy that you’re one less person I have to deal with. That’s the kind of customer service I provide.

And last but not least, we had first playdate at our place today. We haven’t had anyone over before other than family because our place us just so tiny and run down. It’s even more obvious in light of the grown up families at Maggie’s school. But she will need to be able to have friends over (feeling optimistic that she will have some) so I decided to just suck it up and scheduled a playdate. I told myself that she never paid any attention to what other people’s houses looked like so other kids probably wouldn’t either. Things went ok and they seemed like they had a good time. Then I heard the little girl ask where the rest of the house was and where the stairs were. Maggie said that this was all we had and that other people lived upstairs. The little girl said, “You live in an apartment? Weird!” So much for kids not noticing.


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