There’s enough crap for everyone


In my Greenlake notes, I saw some man who looked like he was squatting to take a crap. Perhaps he was stretching but that seems like the kind of stretching that you should do at home. And speaking of crapping, I had another epic bird crap on my car today. The crap was epic, probably not the bird. Why do they like my car so much?

In other news, another coworker gave notice today. That means that by the time we hire someone, that will be my ninth coworker in nine years. Granted three of them were fired (which seems like a lot) but still that’s a lot of turnover. It seems like every time we get something going smoothly, someone leaves. I can’t blame the current one for leaving. His commute is almost an hour and he got a job closer to his house for a little bit more money. It’s just hard not personalizing it since I know that yet again I will have to go through an interview process and shoulder the extra burden until we get someone up and running. Frankly I’m sick of it.

Then I start to question where I am in my so-called career. I’m still at the same job nine years later. I am making more money and I have more responsibility, which I have to remind myself about. I also have six weeks of vacation which is invaluable given childcare and now my dad’s health. But other people leaving all the time makes me feel like I should be doing it too. It makes me feel like they’re moving up by going somewhere and I’m staying put. Logically I know it’s not a competition and that this job works for me now. It just happens to feed into one of my sore spots about myself.

Today I tried to tell Dan a story and he just interrupted me. When I asked him not to do it, he said that he would just be quiet and listen since he wasn’t allowed to participate. I just gave up and walked away. Just in case I forgot why things don’t work…


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