Always with the questions


Here are some public bathroom-related mysteries/questions: How do you get shit on the back of the toilet seat? How do you aim your ass to make that happen? If you have to take a huge crap in a public toilet, do you need to draw attention to yourself by making grunting noises? Maybe some people just don’t care who knows they’re doing it and I’ve just gotten so used to the stealth poopers that I take that for the norm.

If you’ve been teaching a class for a few years, why would you mispronounce a word that you say multiple times throughout the class? And if you were teaching the class with that person why would you not say anything to them? Why do people feel like they need to verbally acknowledge something they feel strongly about, while in a group setting? I can process internally, why can’t you? Maybe this is a social service thing. How can people not realize that there is a time and place for stuff. You’re in a class about credit counseling and credit scoring. I understand that there is institutional racism and that the credit system is a construct of the dominant white culture. It sucks. But bringing up that injustice in this setting is not going to get you anywhere.

Why can I not ever get to bed before 10:30? Even if I did, why can I not sleep? Will I ever start exercising? Will I ever stop drinking diet coke? I had four today. Where will I find pants now that Old Navy doesn’t carry my size anymore?


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