Of things weird


Yesterday was a weird day. While I was at work I had to deal with two clients who were crazy, one in an awesome way and the other in a get the hell away from me way. My awesome crazy client staged a one-woman protest at her lender’s office downtown. I told her that they might do something like arrest her and she said, “Fuck them. I’m down here with my walker. They’re not going to fuck with an old, disabled, fat, white lady.” With that attitude I suspect she is probably right. On the other end of the spectrum is the caaaaaaaaaancer client. We did a conference call with her lender and she was so obnoxious that I wanted to foreclose on her house. She kept saying that she wasn’t usually like that but she’s brought out the crazy every time I’ve talked to her.

Then I decided to walk to the grocery store to buy some lunch. As I stood on the corner, I saw a woman across the street dressed like a dirty hippie and wearing a furry vest, complete with a hood with horns. She was talking on the phone as she walked. The conversation was probably going something like this: “Yeah, I’m on the corner. I’m wearing the horned sweatshirt. No, no, the brown fuzzy one.” She also gestured very expansively with her arms, although moving as slowly as if she were underwater. It’s quite possible she was high. It could explain both the purchase and the wearing of the vest.


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