Whether I’m out or at home


And now, random observations:

*The Kardashians Kollection is now available at Sears.

*I went to a meeting with a male coworker last week. During the meeting, I nudged him and said, “That chick across the table is hot from the knees down.” And she was. She had great calves and super sexy shoes. But I probably should’ve kept that to myself.

*I watched ANTM and hated myself for doing it. I will watch it again this week. It’s just what I do. I do have to wonder though- can these girls seriously think they will be a top model? If your predecessors have represented Walmart I would say the chances are slim.

*While out at lunch with my coworker, a very pregnant woman walked in with four kids, including two under age two that looked to be less than a year apart. She also sported a lighter in her pocket so I can only assume she’s still puffing away. About 30 minutes after she got there, a man came in and she introduced herself. He looked at her kids and then she asked if he wanted to see her older child, he said he didn’t need to, he said goodbye and left. WTF? A CPS caseworker? Child trafficker? It was none of my business but I really wanted to know.


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