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* Bitching in the workplace: A woman left a message on our mortgage hotline saying that she had one question for us. When I called her back she literally started sobbing dramatically about how her lender wouldn’t debit her account. Then she would apologize for sobbing and start doing it again anyway. Then she screamed, […]

And now, random observations: *The Kardashians Kollection is now available at Sears. *I went to a meeting with a male coworker last week. During the meeting, I nudged him and said, “That chick across the table is hot from the knees down.” And she was. She had great calves and super sexy shoes. But I […]

I think of all the times I wished I could become invisible: at a boring party, an awful meeting, shortly after I’d said something inappropriate in a small talk situation, after I wiped out running down Wisconsin Ave. my freshman year in college. Alas I was never able to call forth my powers of invisibility. […]

Get lost


I’ve had a few odd/amusing things happen to me since I posted last and I told myself as they happened that I would have no problem remembering them. Clearly not the case. I guess I will have to start writing this stuff down. I do remember seeing the hipster on the bike in front of […]

*76 year old client today: “SHIT!! Oh and honey, just so you know that’s not a swear word for me. That’s my mantra.” *Spotted around Greenlake lately: creepy race walker dude, woman running in shiny, spandex, butt-rocker 80s-style pants, woman wearing bikini top that was migrating down to her waist, and man who ran with […]

Grown up


Today’s kindy orientation made me question how much of a grown-up I was. I always compare myself to other people and feel like I’m lacking. I can sometimes ignore the lurking things, like my tiny apartment, my ancient car, and my laughable income. But then I go to something like this and it just reminds […]