Going around in circles


On my way to work, I drive by Green Lake which is a small lake with a nice trail surrounding it. Particularly when the weather gets nice, almost all the space is occupied by people circling the lake on foot or wheels. It’s one of the times when I realize that I like the idea of big city more in theory than actuality. It’s so strange to me that people go to this place to be out in nature along with hundreds of other people. Being in nature for me is more of a solitary, escapist type of thing. If you’re just going for exercise it seems like it would be boring pretty fast. You just go around in a circle with no option for variety. It’s like walking around on an enormous treadmill with a bunch of people you don’t know.

I will say that the amount of humans crammed into such a small place does make for some excellent people watching, though. And I love me some people watching.

Today’s highlights:

I saw a man running around punching the air as he ran. I feel like I would separate out those activities for the sake of available space and to avoid looking like a ridiculous and/or pretentious ass. Unless you’re Manny Pacquiao I don’t see a reason for it.

I also saw a very wide range of boobs doing all sorts of things. I don’t have much to speak of, but I would think that if I did I would want to strap those bad boys down. Seems painful. The woman whose enormous boobs didn’t move at all when she ran seemed very suspicious.

I didn’t see one today but occasionally I will see one of those race walk people. That is so confusing to me. It always seems like the same kind of guy (and it’s always a guy) who looks uptight and like they are well-suited to that bizarre race walk stride. They almost always have some sort of bandage on too, which implies that this stride isn’t all that good for anyone anyway. Just run. Really. We all want you to so we’ll be less creeped out.

Also, for the couples that try to walk and ride a bike together- stop. You can’t ride your bike that slowly without looking like you’re riding through some sort of seizure.

Sometimes I will see someone who runs totally effortlessly. Their feet barely touch the ground and running seems like a natural state of being. I love to watch them because I know I never looked like that when I ran. Even though I could do it, it was always a somewhat graceless struggle for me. I’d caught a glimpse of myself in a window often enough to know that I looked vaguely constipated.

(I won’t even get into the passive-aggressive Seattle drama that is the 5-way intersection on the way to Green Lake. I’d be a wealthy woman if I had a dollar for every time I’d said, “Fuck it, I’m going if you’re not”.)

As much as I make fun of the goofy looking people moving around Green Lake, I know that I should be doing it too. Every weekday morning I think I should start exercising. Then I think of all the other things I thin I should be doing: getting more sleep, meditating, eating better. I go around in my head, all the things I should be doing. For now that’s the only exercise I’m getting.


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