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When I was three I brought in “Lola” by the Kinks for show and tell. Let’s ignore the fact that my mom, who was a teacher at the preschool I went to, allowed me to bring in a record about a man hooking up with a transvestite. I got my first 45 single when I […]

On my way to the grocery store I stopped at a red light. I glanced in my rear view mirror and thought that the person behind me had on a weird head scarf. Then I looked again and realized that he was dressed as a pirate (at least from the shoulders up) and was very […]

On my way to work, I drive by Green Lake which is a small lake with a nice trail surrounding it. Particularly when the weather gets nice, almost all the space is occupied by people circling the lake on foot or wheels. It’s one of the times when I realize that I like the idea […]

Cosmic shift


My dad got a liver. It’s too amazing of a thing to be captured in those five words. I assumed he was just going to die while he waited. I protected myself from thinking of how bad he was and how bad his life was. I tried not to think of one of his more […]

I had dinner with my neurotic Jesus-loving friend. In the space of the 2.5 hours we hung out, we talked about thong underwear, poop, homosexuality, parenting, husbands, school uniforms and crushes. We can talk about anything and everything, obviously. But then Jesus came to sit down at our table. Gah. She wanted to know if […]

Occasionally I will have a moment where I think, “Holy shit I have kids. I created humans, and no one thought to stop me.” I don’t know what’s more frightening to me in those moments, the fact that I actually have children or the fact that I’ve put my gene pool into circulation. People think […]