Still waking up on the angry side of the bed


People at work have actually commented on the fact that I’ve been especially crabby lately. I’d like to think that it’s  just because I pointed out that it was a side effect of my pills but I’m probably kidding myself.

I did call someone a fuckwad on the way home but I feel like that’s pretty common for me. So again in the interest of offloading the annoying stuff:

*State funders. Really? Are you seriously going to require that we hire new staff before you ensure that we have the funding to maintain the staff we have? You do realize that we’ll hire a new person and then have to lay them off when funding for the existing position gets cut. Perhaps it just doesn’t matter.

*Less vs. fewer. It’s easy: less is an unmeasurable quantity, fewer is measurable. Less advertising, fewer commercials. Voila.

*Ambien. I love that you make me sleep. God knows I need sleep and I’m generally not very good at it. With Ambien I easily pass out into a blissful sleep without my usual brain machinations. If that were the end of it things would be great. The crappy thing is that I wake up in the morning feeling horrible and then continue to feel all out of it and weird all day. I then start mainlining diet coke, which then means that I need more Ambien. Mixing uppers and downers to function isn’t good, right?

*People who say “mortgeeg”. We should deny you services based on that. If you pass that screening we then reserve the right to refuse services if your email address is something like Anyone can get a gmail account. Try it. People will make fun of you less.

*The woman in that stupid Restasis (or whatever it is) commercial that they always show during NBC Nightly News. Why is she whispering? Stop whispering.

*My hair. Why am I growing it out? What am I thinking? I look like I’m wearing a really bad wig. I want to wear a sign that tells people I’m growing it out so they don’t think I look like this voluntarily.

*The fucked up liver transplant system. My dad never did anything wrong. He didn’t do drugs, he didn’t drink too much. He was born with an incurable liver disease through no fault of his own but people who brought on their own liver failure are getting livers before him. He’s too old, he’s not sick enough they say. I’ll give you the fact that he’s over 65, but how is he not sick enough? He can’t eat, he can’t communicate, he’s bed-ridden, he’s using a catheter, his kidneys are now failing. Seems pretty fucking sick.

Not much else to say after that.


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