Why I wouldn’t have been taken up in the rapture anyway


This probably comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me, but I think we can safely say that there was no real concern for me to get sucked up on May 21st. Probably also not a concern on October 21st or whatever new day they come up with. There are lots of big reasons why I would be left behind, clothed or unclothed. But really this incident is pretty good summary of why I would have been left behind:

While walking back from the store with a coworker, I see a minivan parked on the street. It’s full of way, way more people than it should be. All the people are Asian and they’re all eating ice cream. In a van, on a warmish day with all the windows closed. I looked at my coworker and simply said, “That amount of confined Asian ice cream eating confuses me.” Her comeback? “And that’s why we never have to worry about the rapture.”


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